The government of Costa Rica has issued new measures for the last quarter of 2021 against COVID-19.

It will carry out a gradual relaxation in sanitary restrictions with an expansion of vehicular circulation, expansion of capacity, especially for people with a scheme of complete vaccination, and permission for the development of more activities.

Another change is that for November and December, tourists who enter the country with a complete vaccination scheme should not present a medical policy according to the new regulation.

From October 16 to October 31, the sanitary vehicle restriction will be from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. from Monday to Sunday and the establishments may operate until the same time.

If the evolution of the pandemic allows it, during November the sanitary vehicle restriction will be from 11 p.m. and the daytime restriction would be eliminated throughout the country, with the exception of the ring road. In addition, as of November 15, the daytime restriction on weekends would be eliminated.

If the epidemiological conditions allow it, between November and December the capacity in commerce, transport and tourism would gradually increase.

Starting in December, entry to establishments such as restaurants, bars, shops, gyms, hotels, among others, will be for people with a full vaccination scheme; its verification will be carried out through a vaccination QR code.

It is not clear how such QR code will be implemented for tourists or if it may be substituted by the Health Pass QR shown to airport authorities upon arrival to Costa Rica. We will update this as soon as we have more information.

Therefore, as of December 1, it will be mandatory to show the QR code of the COVID-19 vaccination certificate to enter the following establishments:

  • Restaurants, cafes, and food courts (food trucks, food courts).
  • Bars and casinos.
  • General stores, department stores and shopping centers.
  • Museums
  • Fitness centers.
  • Hotels, cabins or accommodation establishments.
  • Spas.
  • Activities, organizations or congregations in places of worship.
  • Event rooms for business, academic or social activities.
  • Adventure trip.
  • Theaters, cinemas, art and dance academies, and artistic activity establishments.
  • Sports activities establishments.

The QR code will be used to strengthen and expedite the verification of the COVID-19 vaccination status. It is important to indicate that it does not require internet and that it is used with a free App that will be made available to people. The presentation of this code can be done in both digital and printed format. As of November, it can be downloaded through the site

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