The government of Costa Rica has modified immigration measures due to the COVID-19 as follows:

  • Foreigners will be allowed to enter the national territory under the non-resident migratory category, subcategories Tourism only by air. Yachts will be allowed under certain conditions by September 1st, 2020
  • Foreigners arriving in the country must land and enter in the national territory through the Juan Santamaría (Alajuela) and the Daniel Oduber (Liberia, Guanacaste) International Airports
  • Only foreigners who come from countries authorized by the Ministry of Health will be allowed to enter.

The complete list of territories authorized as points of origin for entering the national territory are:

1. Australia 12. Denmark 23. Republic of Korea 34. San Marino
2. Canada 13. Spain 24. Croatia 35. Singapore
3. Switzerland 14. Netherlands 25. Slovenia 36. Slovak Republic
4. Vatican State 15. Norway 26. Estonia 37. Germany
5. Luxembourg 16. Sweden 27. Republic of Finland 38. France
6. Ireland 17. Thailand 28. Hungary 39. Greece
7. Japan 18. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 29. Iceland 40. Italy
8. New Zealand 19. Czech Republic 30. Latvia 41. Uruguay
9. Principality of Liechtenstein 20. Cyprus 31. Lithuania 42. People’s Republic of China
10. Principality of Monaco 21. Austria 32. Malta 43. Portugal
11. Belgium 22. Bulgaria 33. Poland 44. Romania

Additionally, the entry will be allowed as of September 1st, 2020 of travelers who demonstrate through a valid driver’s license that they live in the following states of the United States of America:

1. New York

2. New Jersey

3. Connecticut

4. New Hampshire

5. Maine

6. Vermont

About four flights a week are expected from Newark (EWR), La Guardia (LGA) and John F. Kennedy (JFK) airports.

Non-Resident foreigners, Tourism subcategories, must necessarily meet the following conditions to enter the country:

a)    Have travel insurance that covers at least accommodation and medical expenses generated by the COVID-19 disease, offered by one of the insurers authorized by the General Superintendency of Insurance in Costa Rica and duly endorsed by said authority.

b)    Complete the form called Health Pass (Pase de Salud), generated by the Ministry of Health.

c)    Have the negative COVID-19 test obtained through the test called RT-PCR, in the terms established by the Ministry of Health.

d)    Have stayed for at least 14 days in the country of origin authorized by the Ministry of Health before the arrival of your flight to Costa Rica

Foreigners with a legal permanence authorized under the immigration categories of Permanent Residence, Temporary Residence, Special Categories or Non-Residents, subcategory Estancia must:

a)    Submit the form called Health Pass, for the corresponding health control at the time of entry into the country.

b)    Provide the current immigration identification document for foreigners (DIMEX)

c)    Proof of payment of the current social security insurance.

d)    Comply with the sanitary measures dictated by the Ministry of Health for the attention of COVID-19.

Costa Ricans who return to the country must:

a)    Comply with the measures dictated by the Ministry of Health for the care of COVID-19 and compliance with the corresponding 14-day isolation sanitary order.

b)    Present the form called Health Pass, for the corresponding health control at the time of entry to Costa Rica.

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